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Using CVSUP or CSUP to update ports in FreeBSD

Page history last edited by trunasuci 15 years, 3 months ago

CVSUP ( or CSUP for FreeBSD with latest version ) is tools to keep update your cvs tree, especially in this case is ports collection.. I start to use it when i 1st encounter with FreeBSD in early 2000 till now..


1- copy the supfile to your folder

trunasuci# cp /usr/share/examples/cvsup/ports-supfile .


2- edit the ports-supfile using ee ( or vi or any_text_editor_u_like )

trunasuci# ee ports-supfile


edit just this lines, make it look like this:

*default host=cvsup.Free.myBSD.org.my


put it to cvsup server, in this case, i use myBSD csup server, our local BSD cvsup server





3- start cvsup/csup to update your ports tree...

trunasuci# csup -g -L 2 ports-supfile

Parsing supfile "ports-supfile"

Connecting to cvsup.Free.myBSD.org.my

Connected to

Server software version: SNAP_16_1h

Negotiating file attribute support

Exchanging collection information

Establishing multiplexed-mode data connection


Updating collection ports-all/cvs

 Edit ports/GIDs

  Add delta 1.69 2009. delphij

  Add delta 1.70 2009. rafan

 Edit ports/KNOBS

  Add delta 1.32 2009. lioux

 Edit ports/MOVED

  Add delta 1.1810 2009. wxs

  Add delta 1.1811 2009. wxs

  Add delta 1.1812 2009. wxs

  Add delta 1.1813 2009. wxs

  Add delta 1.1814 2009. gerald

  Add delta 1.1815 2009. gerald

  Add delta 1.1816 2009. gerald

  Add delta 1.1817 2009. gerald

  Add delta 1.1818 2009. mm

  Add delta 1.1819 2009. ed

  Add delta 1.1820 2009. stas

  Add delta 1.1821 2009. stas

  Add delta 1.1822 2009. skv

  Add delta 1.1823 2009. miwi

  Add delta 1.1824 2009. miwi

  Add delta 1.1825 2009. miwi

  Add delta 1.1826 2009. obrien

  Add delta 1.1827 2009. gerald

  Add delta 1.1828 2009. gerald



wait until it finished..

if u never do/update this ports before since installation date, it'll take abit long.. when it finished, then u now can use your ports to install the latest and updated pkg for your FreeBSD box/server!!!


created and finished on 20/3/2009 8:25am


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